an autumnal fall.....

                                 of toasty colors~                                                   


~a vintage button collection reminds me of mom~

~folksy presentation~

~with a dose of grayish teal thrown in for coolness~

~honey on it please~

~homespun what's to be~

~ book-lover~


~heart warming~

~taking a cue from nature's colors~

~romance in a meadow (in theory, at least)~


~simply said~

~a clean dose of white as foil~

~an eye for color~

~ a cat's eye view of the season~

~a tasty treat of the season~


~watercolor dabbling~

~a welcoming entrance~

~a rustic morn interlude~

~happy feet~

~ homemade ambience~

~a tender brownstone stroll~

~wooly scoopneck warmth~

~midcentury warm up~

~black & brick love~

~lacey grace~


~my carpe diem~