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...........making me smile lately


#1-- anything mid-century modern, like......

n. manchester's own frank lloyd wright's zimmerman home~


 (pict quality not-so-good taken while on my morn run.......)

also, found mainstream, affordable repro'd furniture selling at west elm to name just one vendor

john vogel chair

clover coffee table

mid-century over arching wall sconce

and,... a blast from the past-- the petrie's really happening living room...

a study in mid-century design & living: they had a large, sunken & open-concept liv room,... they actually ate dinner on a dining table in the liv room! ........ note the lighting: those large drum shade table lamps, funky pendant over the window seat &&& just what are they gazing at???

#2-- lively & bold prints: after meeting with my lovely osborne & little rep, jessica, this week-- these fabrics & wallpapers from their spring '14 verdanta line,.............. just DID-IT for me (in extreme want of.......)

butterfly garden (bright butterflies on a black & white monochrome floral background)


birdsong (a less intense version of above)

butterfly house (butterflies depicted in mosaic squares:holographic-esque)

in a stairwell application, it's a WOW!


#3--   moma  bestseller: the lumio booklamp (read about here) is your chance to experience beautiful lighting a-ny-where


configure to suit your needs-- functionally or not.....

feels, looks, & carries like a lightweight book-- love the dark walnut wood cover & leather strap~

 romantic evening lighting  



#4-- jenny prinn's artwork, can be found here, love that she resides in maine,............

paintings lined up in her studio (presumably headed out the door to buyers,... i'd love to be one!)

over the bridge 2 (moody,... vivid turquoise love)

fanfare 2 (happiness on a canvas,... love the citusy colors!)

#5-- that summer IS NOT yet out of july,................

i scored two of these fouta beach towels at hg for half the price (love a great bargain find, don't you?) 


why i'm smiling-- the sun-faded stripes, the tassels, the hand (design lingo for the "touch of") is smooth & soft 100% cotton on one side & on the other side a soft, plush & white absorbant terry cloth, &&&-- the size is  big enough to share with your  beach buddy!


 ~happy friday, hope this brought a smile to your face too~

 oooops, a ps: just-a-one-more-smile (couldn't resist!).............

 come on, right..............


a look into my work world,............

on any given day & you'll see a crazy mix of client shopping, sketching, rep meetings, client meetings, fabric sourcing, wallpaper sourcing, phone calls upon phone calls... among a load of others!

at the moment, i'm immersed sourcing a single hanging light fixture that will be in a clients' great fam room... NO PROBLEM!

sounds easy enough, right? i mean we are only choosing 1 chandelier, how hard can that be???

here to tell ya that it is rather complex with lots of variables (maybe you've lived it...)

today's post: a case study of my client's existing fam room, as seen below. the new fixture is going to replace the existing dreaded ceiling fan,... hip hip hooray!!! (hope to not offend anyone this one is just plain & because of central air, not needed.....).

here's the room looking in from the kitchen (my picture-taking on cell phone,... cut off the vaulted ceiling & focus point of this post!)


#1-- size: the room is a large square w/a high vaulted ceiling, so dictates that we need to go BIG!  there's nothing worse than a skimpy chande. the fixture needs to be a the minimum 24" in diameter so anywhere from 24-36" works well. larger fixtures mean more $$$ (more on that below in #4)


#2-- function,... a BIG one: they need light as there is NOT-A-ONE, only table & floor lamps (we will be installing wall sconces also).

this lite will be  one of two focal points in the room the other being the fireplace, another consideration.

the fireplace, as you see it in the pict, will be undergoing a complete overhaul! Yea! the client mind-set is that a chandelier will block the new fireplace, ok, i get it! yet, the way to look at it: the fireplace & new beautiful hanging lite will enhance each other-- you notice the wow chandelier & soon thereafter notice the wow fireplace!!! i do want to give them an airy-feeling piece,.... nothing heavy nor industrial-looking!

the only client requirement: low maintenance which translates to no cleaning, dusting,... so no clear glass, for sure!

love these classic bell jar but,.........

#3-- style, shape, finish: what's personal preference? are they modernists, traditionalist, rustic,.... these clients are neither... i like to put them into a cross between pottery barn meets west elm & lives happily ever after....

some options that are on the table...


the rest of the home also needs to be considered-- we need to blend in somewhat with lighting in the other rooms, esp the kitchen which the fam room is open to....

#4-- budget: in this case, we are doing the entire room from soup to nuts,... yup,  the numbers need to be weighed & parceled out. what pieces of the redesign puzzle are top priority and a must?

here's what i advise as priorities:

architecture & shell which includes floor all walls and ceiling which includes the main hardwired lighting, then seating, windows, secondary pieces, art, accessories, plant life,............

spend your money on a quality fixture if it's a large high-visibility piece in the room (as in this case), you won't regret it! you definitely get what you pay for here (9 out of 10 times). 


i suggest reputable manufactures that you can count on to deliver a beautiful fixture well packaged, & stands by their product (aka. no hassle returns)


circa lighting



...these are just a few manufacturers,... btw: available only on-line as the showrooms are not in new england~

#5-- last but not least: you must LOVE IT! after all, you will be seeing it all the time, everyday, night & day,... it must bring a smile to your face!

i believe this is what they are leaning toward (not on the initial "list"): a casual, playful, warm feel (from arteriors),...............

so luminous esp. with the sunlight streaming thru and in the magic of the evening stunning light fixture can transform a room~

*thnx to my client who is the best & keeps me laughing thru all my visits-- hang-in, the room will be fab!


we are headed to the lake-house part 2,..........

if you are fortunate enough to have your own "on golden pond" (we do not, but do have a beach house, tnx mom!) or have relatives/friends to visit up at the lake, i'm curious how you refer to it: "we are headed to",... the camp, the cabin, the cottage,......?????

it's a fine balance between getting the old place ready while also relaxing & enjoying, right? i'm going  to make it real simple-- i believe that's what summer living is all about, and IT'S ALL ABOUT LIVING OUTDOORS!

...starters: that porch, a wrap-around classic beauty~

#1-- color: take out the paint brush-- you'll have to-get-over-it, yup the natural wood shingles on the porch wall (only) are getting some paint in the form of BM # 290/fresh butter,.. this warm yellow is a perfect compliment with natural wood tones & brings the sunshine shrouded by the pines up to the house day & nite!


...a beckoning, happy & welcoming color to all those who enter & gather there~


#2-- porch furniture: all required to be wet-bathing-suit, muddy-paw-print, red-wine-spill-friendly,... & super comfy!


a swinging porch bed fits the bill,...sooo cool!

this one, by the porch swing co, is THE PIECE, THE WOW in this space (always gotta have one). it's a luxe take on the old porch swing and/or glider.  you know i'm pillow-obsessed so this is right up my alley,...pile them on, (preferably in an outdoor sunbrella-like fabric), in fun colors & patterns, make sure they are absolutely squishable (note: a twin mattress, not just a cushion,it's a legit bed)! reflecting the interior color scheme of dark-blackish green, true reds, pale yellows & ivory whites inspired by these really really cool camp vestiges,......


here's why i think this hanging porch bed works on the thayer porch: solid natural wood, thick hemp rope, and the x-crossed side panels--- check to the porch railing below,........

#3-- an outdoor rug:  they are scrub-able, bleach-able, uv-treated, and gives just a little bit of cozy-factor for all those bare feet (btw: these are also inside work-horses for high traffic areas like mud rooms, kitchens,...)



both of these rugs from Dash and Albert would work: the green stripe (ya' know i love my stripes) makes for a bold statement underfoot supporting our green palette and the black diamond pattern provides a grounding effect below,... either is a win win!

#4-- lighting: let there be ambient light, electrified or candle, to warm-up the night in modest style.........

candlelight is about as romantic (ambient,intimate) as you can get,... lanterns are the obvious choice (they are everywhere lately) hang them from the porch rafters or off iron hooks, using sisal roping.....

these from pb feel right to me

or,... votives, here by west elm,  strewn about can do the trick


love, love using string lites, these by crate and barrel, swaged up high are totally fun (yes to black touches)...


these are completely in-the-cabin-spirit from pb

love this simple woven ceiling fixture for a natural look & a somewhat contemporary feel (pacifica by c&b)

the idea of sconces definitely is an option: the old-time accordian lamp is a perfect choice style & function-wise! checkout the cord detailing (the wood base comes w/a red cord -my pik- and the black metal w/a gray cord)~

ah,... nite-time, stars twinkling, loons singing: snuggling up in the swing-bed & this adjustable lamp gently illuminating your summer read,..... that's the beauty of summer~

#5-- wall decor: swap out the canoe but keep the paddles as wall art or even better some real art (not the canvas kind) in the form of hand-made , hand painted artsy paddles up on the wall (maybe give the cliché buoy a rest in the basement),... these by cb2 artisan collection check out the details: leather hanger, hand-painted geometric design,... 

i always love a mirror (this designer's best friend) on a porch,..... ideally i would search flea markets, tag sales for a unique, old-ish one that would stand out against the yellow porch wall, yet these are really great

ballard designs wood sunburst (a rustic take on the classic design)


a faux bois mirror by wisteria in white resin,... a fun riff of the usually rustic design


pier1 always has a big selection of mirrors,.. liking this round one in varying shades of brown pear wood

mirrors abound at stores like homegoods & the like,... it's an easy quick piece to find: look for simple, unfussy wood framed-- the goal is to reflect nature's beauty, not to upstage mother-nature with an ornate or intricate designed frame/mirror,..........

other choices for wall art,..........

letters, signage always works for me these are unique and fitting: natural (the green, living accent) moss letters, from pb (or you could craft your own), be creative in your signage choice or stay traditional w/ your fam monogram,........

outdoor wall decor is to your personal preference & should reflect who you are,... my one word of design advice would be to stay away from small pieces & remember that less is more here 

and here 

 and they are,.............. en-joy-ing the day!

happy friday,.....hope you have an opportunity to hit the lake this summer, xo~


lake-side styling and............

i think,... ON GOLDEN POND

one of my fave movies, located right here in nh lake country

  squam lake, nh not far,... like an hour-ish close!

it captured the lakeside look: cabiney, rustic, campy, weathered wood, rope swings, front porches, rocking chairs, boat docks, fishing poles, canoes, adirondack chairs, wicker, hunter greens, deep reds, creamy whites, faded yellows, the smell of pine & the sound of loons.................... aahhh!

the wrap-around front porch, where tippy canoe was stored for the winter.........

a weather-worn gaze-bo over-looking the lake (yes, chelsea (jane f) is gaz-ing)........

fishing, cleaning & cooking trout,........... (shamefully, can't say i ever have done either of the 3 )

the good-old, narrow boating & swimming dock (classic lake gear: khakis, polo, boat shoes, & jane rockin' the bikini)............ 

the kitchen: where??? behind ethel-- teeny, tiny & not really the hub it is today (white cabs in a plain shaker-style door, tho)...........

the upstairs-- a smoothly patinaed stair railing, naturally darkened bead-board wainscoting (running horizontally, no less! love!)........

the simple appointed bedroom,... have i mentioned the curtains as yet (aka window treatments): simple white cotton panels-- a, y-e-s!

the wicker reading chair,... used as indoor furniture: absolutely (fashion comment: why is she so dressed?lakeside living is all about casual & laid-back)..........

the living area, where the residents actually "live"... and, with no tv (whaaaat?), just working on a puzzle,... btw: check out their gallery wall(s), precious! (hey, at least their picts are not stored away in old shoe boxes!).......

the colors (aside from wood-tones): hunter greens, true reds, black, beiges (yes, beige exists aka: straw, sepia, dijon...) , dirtied yellows,........ love the tartans!

boating (in a classic Chris-Craft mahogany beauty) & the smell of gasoline....... weird, but i like the scent of-- reminiscent of summer on the water (candle scent it, someone!)!

picking wild blueberries,... a washed out (aka recycled) tin can, of course-- plop!

... so i'm dating myself, but how many of you were a fan in1981?

the thayer summer lake home has a relaxed & lived-in style--ok, maybe a bit too relaxed-- for my liking! but, what great bones as we say in the biz! 33 years later,...

(ok, you can see where i'm headed with this post)

stay tuned for next week when-- GOLDEN POND gets a much needed update, a la mcbride design style!

count on: no themey-ness, yet a definitive lake-house air!

happy father's day weekend as one of themovie's story lines involves the complex father-daughter relationship --some factoids:

  • jane fonda bought the rights to the play specifically for her dad (he passed away a year later)
  • the father-daughter relationship depicted between chealsea & norman was strife-ridden, much like their real-life relationship
  • by the end, the father-daughter relationship softened-- a happy ending, yes, the best kind!


the pivotal father-daughter talk scene... 

(click on...) 


happy father's day to my dad, our girls' dad, and all the dad's out there in flesh & spirit-- thnx for all you do! xoxo


the tommy influence: as promised,........

a follow-up from last week!

i love fashion & believe strongly that fashion trends influence interiors,.... thus, this post. but, why TOMMY?  i like the quirkyness, the tongue-in-cheek, & style mix of retro prep-meets-slim aarons-meets-surfer vibe,.......

 clearly-- a study in colors, patterns, personalities, landscape, lifestyle~

#1--  orangey-reds (not as tentative with this color anymore, used to be!)........


#2-- blues: a full range..............


#3-- pops of yellow (can't get enough yellow this season!).....

#4-- florals (have always loved & btw, floral chintz is back!!!)...

#5-- stripes (you know i can't deal without my stripes, right?).....


putting aside color, pattern, texture, it's a pervasive FEEL--a casualness, an ease, an off-handedness,

...inject a little TOMMY in your interiors~

just one last word...

mother-nature is the greatest inspiration (loving nature's stripes!)~