& the winner is,.................

 (really scientifically chosen by my youngest)

here's some of her really reflective feedback (& no connection to her win):

 .... I love the idea of your having items for sale.  Sometimes the ideas you have can inspire but be out of reach for most or too tedious to hunt down ourselves.  If you asked for feedback on items, could you order them and have a shop in your home?  Or take orders?.............

& little did she know, that in her questions, she nailed down what a lot of others suggested-- Q&A:

Do people hire you as an interior designer based on your blog ideas?  Do many people hire designers these days for what they "think" they can do themselves? If i could afford it, I'd hire you to make over my whole house. What you've done to your house is incredible. Could you be a buyer for a small, exclusive shop?  Interior design or clothes?  Do you send your blog to shops?  Spas?  Restaurants?  Inns?


It has been a long, freezing cold, disgusting winter.  Everyone seems a little stressed out right now.  I know I haven't offered much "help" about your biz, and hope other people have had some ideas.  Keep me posted .   And I LOVE the color of my office.

 hired!!! my new life coach (we could trade services.....):

This is my question.  What kind of help do you need?

What is your mission / goals?  To be the best mom, best designer, successful at making a living with your talents, being the best person and/or how to combine all of the above? Where do you want to be and doing after the girls head off to college?  Would you become super ecstatic if you became…what?  When are you happiest?  When do you feel most "successful" and at what?  What is your purpose and how do you feel most in sync with that? you are the winner of:

your pick,..... thank you so much (an understatement) for taking time out of your day to "help me, xoxo 

ps. at the risk of sounding so dramatic: this served as reaffirmation of all the positive, caring, goodness that is out there,.........