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to reclaim........

WOOD, that is!

i love everything about this: eco conscious, attractive, rustic, brings a raw organic and warm vibe to a room. every room needs a touch of real, unadulterated wood......

ok, so what is real-unadulterated wood? no, it's not x-rated! in all seriousness, it's all the burls, knots, worm holes, unfinished natural (or live) edges, natural holes & cracks,...

the pioneer of fine hand crafterd furniture utilizing raw wood was george nakashima way back in the '40's. he was known for leaving the live-edge of the wood into the design of his furniture pieces. his signature woodworking design was a large-scaled table constucted of a huge wood slab with smooth wood tops and live edges consisting of multiple slabs joined together (without glue or nails) with butterfly joints. how beautiful! he believed that there is a soul in every tree that can continue to live in every piece of furniture,...



if you have a cool $45k and are interested in an original nakashima table, bid now!

not too long ago it was a "custom thing",... no longer-- rough wood is just about main streamed ( a tell-tale sign is when there are a plethora of natural-edged products filling the aisles at homegoods),.....just another trend in the design world! a worthwhile one i might add,... a juMp-on-board purchase!

take a look at some beautiful & attainable dining tables.......

RH modern:

...the wythe-- a dark walnut wood top, live-edged, with polished brass base; love the mix of natural warm wood with a glossy metal!

 west elm:

...the emmerson-- made fron unfinished reclaimed pine (reclaimed from a variety of sources such as old shipping & packing palettes)!



...the lacquered elm dining table--made from reclaimed pine with an interesting and practical take, a lacquered top!


...it's all about the "living grain" of this "plantation grown sheesham wood planks"-- simplicity at its finest!

crate and barrel:


...a dark walnut beauty that employs the nakashima method of wood-on-wood butterfly joinery!

the BIG SIR a long-standing favorite of mine (a c&b classic)-- made of sustainable solid european white oak & the legs are made of a single piece of heartwood exposing the trunks inner rings!

pottery barn:

...the griffin reclaimed wood dining table-- made from reclaimed pine; love the gutsy iron base!

just breath-taking eating spots:

...really stunning AND creative dining table that is cantilevered off a marble cooktop!

..a mix of genres in this dining room-- a well-worn persian carpet, modern art, mid-century leather chairs,... love!

...perhaps nowhere is live-edge more in its element than an outdoor dining spot, right? ...brick, iron, moss, greenery!

the musket room in nyc-- their live-edge wood bar is a stunner, actually EVERY-thing about this restaurant is AMAZE-ing; i could go on&on&on-- look at that floor mix of resurfaced hardwood and scalloped tile beneath the bar seats, the large greens in clear vases, the lamps perched on the bar for ambient lighting,... I WANT TO GO THERE!

reclaimed, live-edged, sustainable,... even though it is trending,... not going anywhere, ~


the best part of the table (reclaimed, live-edge, or NOT) is the stime spent sharing of food, laughter, stories, with family and the people you love~

near, dear, and far: happy thanksgiving to all~

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