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this thing,.........




is a thaaaang!

worry beads, prayers beads, string-o-beads; whatever you want to call them.......


adorn your mantle with a long string of them as a garland (festoon them on the xmas tree come december)...

drape effortlessly atop books on a bookcase......

bring them outdoors.......


atop books once again... hardcover books are always in my design arsenal!



pretty bowls that are just begging for attention sit nicely within-- but please keep some beads spilling over!



or not, if you are the tidy type!

...got a door handle?


my favorite-- as a necklace holder on a bust or draped upon yours, statement jewelry...... 

no bust? then an artsy gooseneck bottle will do....


soooo where can you get your hands on this affordable-earthy-organic thing?

not-to-worry: etsy shops are the go-to,...

and if you're are the crafty type, then it's a quick trip down to Michaels or your favorite craft store,... and have-some-fun!

there HAS to be a spot in your home for a string-o-beads, i am partial to the natural smooth wood beads, but let your imagination dictate,.....

~Happy strinGing~~~~~



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