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to reclaim........

WOOD, that is!

i love everything about this: eco conscious, attractive, rustic, brings a raw organic and warm vibe to a room. every room needs a touch of real, unadulterated wood......

ok, so what is real-unadulterated wood? no, it's not x-rated! in all seriousness, it's all the burls, knots, worm holes, unfinished natural (or live) edges, natural holes & cracks,...

the pioneer of fine hand crafterd furniture utilizing raw wood was george nakashima way back in the '40's. he was known for leaving the live-edge of the wood into the design of his furniture pieces. his signature woodworking design was a large-scaled table constucted of a huge wood slab with smooth wood tops and live edges consisting of multiple slabs joined together (without glue or nails) with butterfly joints. how beautiful! he believed that there is a soul in every tree that can continue to live in every piece of furniture,...



if you have a cool $45k and are interested in an original nakashima table, bid now!

not too long ago it was a "custom thing",... no longer-- rough wood is just about main streamed ( a tell-tale sign is when there are a plethora of natural-edged products filling the aisles at homegoods),.....just another trend in the design world! a worthwhile one i might add,... a juMp-on-board purchase!

take a look at some beautiful & attainable dining tables.......

RH modern:

...the wythe-- a dark walnut wood top, live-edged, with polished brass base; love the mix of natural warm wood with a glossy metal!

 west elm:

...the emmerson-- made fron unfinished reclaimed pine (reclaimed from a variety of sources such as old shipping & packing palettes)!



...the lacquered elm dining table--made from reclaimed pine with an interesting and practical take, a lacquered top!


...it's all about the "living grain" of this "plantation grown sheesham wood planks"-- simplicity at its finest!

crate and barrel:


...a dark walnut beauty that employs the nakashima method of wood-on-wood butterfly joinery!

the BIG SIR a long-standing favorite of mine (a c&b classic)-- made of sustainable solid european white oak & the legs are made of a single piece of heartwood exposing the trunks inner rings!

pottery barn:

...the griffin reclaimed wood dining table-- made from reclaimed pine; love the gutsy iron base!

just breath-taking eating spots:

...really stunning AND creative dining table that is cantilevered off a marble cooktop!

..a mix of genres in this dining room-- a well-worn persian carpet, modern art, mid-century leather chairs,... love!

...perhaps nowhere is live-edge more in its element than an outdoor dining spot, right? ...brick, iron, moss, greenery!

the musket room in nyc-- their live-edge wood bar is a stunner, actually EVERY-thing about this restaurant is AMAZE-ing; i could go on&on&on-- look at that floor mix of resurfaced hardwood and scalloped tile beneath the bar seats, the large greens in clear vases, the lamps perched on the bar for ambient lighting,... I WANT TO GO THERE!

reclaimed, live-edged, sustainable,... even though it is trending,... not going anywhere, ~


the best part of the table (reclaimed, live-edge, or NOT) is the stime spent sharing of food, laughter, stories, with family and the people you love~

near, dear, and far: happy thanksgiving to all~


happy pre-thanksgiving (or pre-stuff-your-face) weekend..........

i should be posting 5 t-day suggestions for the holiday on thursday, but i'm not going to! we are all inundated with a myriad of how-to: set the perfect table, use this year's five much-needed gadgets that every t-day dinner chef must have now, decorate your home, five yummy app's to feed your hungry guests,...............................


instead, i give you five really cool, interesting, and fun ad campaigns concerning design, of course! ads have THE BEST interior stylings! although the product is the focus, to me it's all about the room and allllllll the details!

#1-- UNDO ORDINARY, kim crawford wines from new zealand (a personal fave!).......

"it's a bright refreshing take on sauvignon blanc... because there are those who find comfort in the ordinary, then there are those who thirst for so much more........." 

 no.1 of 3: a soiree in full swing

fuchsia on top of fuchsia bones, contrasting stark white-on- seating (want these), pops of emerald green (so hot this season), and golden touches (also hot)! looks like a fun party that even the painting monsieur is getting in on the action!


#2-- COLOR REFORM, abc carpet and home's latest rug collection................................


ab-so-lut-ly stunningly gorgeous! shades of intense bluey-greens, fuchsia circulating pop, turquoise backdrop, weathered walls and doors. a visual feast! loving the trendy over dyed move in rugs and textiles-- no furniture needed! the brief the back story: the ad campaign (there are more color ads) shot in an abandoned house in upstate ny.


#3-- simple clean-lined calming arm-candy by STUDIOLO:


what fascinates me is the bullion fringe, normally a very 80's trim (the come-back kid of trim)-- it works on this very tight, crisp, tailored chair... apply the trim to a fussy floufy, pillowed version and it would be over-kill deja-vu! i can see this chair in a conservatory of a very feminine bedroom as the yang-piece!


#4-- more arm, eye-candy by ROCHE BOBOIS:

just heaven,.... i don't know where to start! vivid colors (there's fuschia, once again, burgandy, turquoise, orange, white,...), print piled upon print (stripes, a fave, florals, checks,...), the industrial-vibe chande (ordinary lightbulbs suspended enmasse--very unordinary), colorful decanter-vases providing the architectural detail, and those floor-to-ceiling black-trimed-out windows! i want to crash here!!!


#5-- meet the HILFIGERS! it's family portrait time! ...encapsulated people watching at its best! the world of preppy irreverence-- plaid, argyle, tweed, rugby stripes, burgundy, gold, ivy green, wellies, fair isles, names like jacqui, max, gracie, chloe, and pets by the distinguished names of max iv and max v, just your ordinary, lovable, chaotic fam!


don't you know families like them? quite the cast of interesting eccentric, and not to mention good-looking characters (yes, fictitious)!  you know you want to be invited to their house, their parties, their holidays, their fam vacations, right? wait....do  i spy a bullion-fringed chair with distinguished big-daddy hilfiger resting upon, oh, and-- the red carpet is rolled out (over-dyed?)???

the hilfiger holiday tv ad, very catchy (click on-- only 30 secs)...............





don't you just love the holidays? i do! and i'm hosting this t-day (so excited-- open house, stop in) and going to do our version of the fam portrait,... watch out hilfigers-- meet the mcbrides!

have a wonderful thanksgiving with those you love,

cheers ~